Best YouTube Tools for Growing Your Channel & Income

Best YouTube Tools for Growing Your Channel & Income

Best Free Tools for YouTube Creators

YouTube is one of the largest web-based video-sharing communities With over 400 million active users per month, youtube tools feature hundreds of thousands of channels. This provides an incredible opportunity for YouTubers and Vloggers to share their content with the world. With so much competition it can be tough to generate loyal fans so it’s important to stand out from the crowd!

How to Increase Channel Growth and Monetization & Earn Money from YT Videos:

Youtube is an extremely popular video-sharing platform that can be used to increase your channel growth and monetization. It will help you to increase your channel views and subscribers, as well as monetize your videos.

All-time Best Youtube Tools List?

All-time Best YT Tools List:

  • YouTube Keyword Research Tools
  • YouTube Script Writing Tools
  • YouTube Video Editing Tools / Software
  • YouTube Free Music Tools / Websites
  • YouTube Voice-Over Tools
  • YouTube Thumbnail Maker Tools
Best youtube tools
Best YouTube Tools

Best YouTube Keyword Research Tools:


  • SEMRush is an all-in-one marketing and competitor research tool for analyzing and tracking marketing and SEO campaigns. It provides keyword data, competitor data, rank tracking, site audits, social media analytics, and more.


  • Tubebuddy is a must-have browser extension for avid YouTubers. It enables them to manage their channels with ease and makes their life more convenient.
  • The best thing is that it provides all the functionality you need by placing everything in one spot and letting you manage it easier.
  • This tool assists YouTube in all sorts of aspects such as SEO metadata and keyword suggestions for YouTube videos.


  • VidIQ is a fantastic tool for YouTubers; you’ll need much less time and effort to grow your channels when using this. It offers everything you need to make your videos look well done – from logos and thumbnails, Videos that are creating with the intention of getting more views.
  • VidIQ will provide you with everything you need to ensure your Channel is placed at the top of the list among its competitors.
  • With VidIQ, you don’t have to worry about which analytics software to use or how productive your channel is. It comes with great keyword research that can optimize your video.

Best YouTube Script Writing Tools


  • Jarvis is an artificial intelligence-powered video automation platform that allows users to create scripts that can be used to automate many repetitive tasks on YouTube. Jarvis can be leveraged to scrape videos, download subtitles from open subtitles, download audio from the video, extract metadata, and a lot more. It also provides a complete API for Python scripting so that it can be integrated into almost any existing operations system with minimal effort.


  • Rytr is a completely free script generator that uses artificial intelligence to instantly generate scripts for YouTube videos. The application will automatically grab the video URL, extract the audio, get the captions, and then transcribe it all into a full-blown script.

Best YouTube Video Editing Tools & Software


  • Filmora Wondershare is a video editor that is highly customizable with a lot of features. They can help you create beautiful videos from your photos and videos, make stunning slideshows, create montages, make video presentations, and more.
  • Filmora has a huge list of features and is great for beginners and professionals alike. One of the best things about it is that it lets you use the same interface for both editing and rendering.


  • Camtasia is a great tool for those interested in recording and editing videos. Camtasia makes it easy to create a video of any length on a computer running on Windows or Mac OS. If you’re looking to create an unlimited number of videos, Camtasia is the perfect choice for you!
  • This toolkit will help YouTubers at all stages of their production pipeline. It will offer a variety of features that YouTubers regularly use, as well as additional features like video effects, music, and more for YouTubers.

Youtube Studio

YouTube Studio is a powerful video editing and multi-channel management software. It allows you to monitor your channels and videos with easy-to-use analytics, filters, and more.

Best YouTube Royalty-Free Music Tools & Websites

1. YouTube Music Library: 

  • Youtube Music Library is a great way to improve the sound of your YouTube videos. The best thing about this service is that it’s free and easy to use. Uploading music from Youtube Music Library to your video will work best if you use a slow song from the library for a video with slow scenes. For instance, you can upload a song from Youtube Music Library anytime.

2. Bensound

  • is a free, online music resource that gives you access to royalty-free soundtracks for your videos. You can browse the site by genre, mood, or instrument type to find what you’re looking for easily and quickly or search through a comprehensive list of tracks to find something that suits your needs.

3. Mixkit Free Music

  • Mixkit is a website that allows you to search for or create new music for your videos. You can enter keywords like “driving” or “party” and the website will automatically generate new songs based on what you entered, or you can search through their pre-existing library of titles. Once you find the perfect song, it will be added to your cart and you can download it as an MP3.

Best Free YouTube Voice-Over Tools and Software


  • Voicemaker is an online text-to-speech converter with over 600 natural-sounding voices in 70 different languages worldwide. Our voices can be used for videos, which you can upload to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or your website. We make use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer a feeling of novelty with a customizable audio input. With us, you can adjust the voice speed, pitch, volume, emphasis and many more to make your computer’s speaking experience as human-like as possible.


  • Speechelo is a service that allows video creators to upload their script and have it read aloud by an AI voice. This program was developed by Peter Ross, who was frustrated with the inconsistent voiceovers in videos on YouTube.

Best Youtube Thumbnail Maker Tools and Apps


  • Canva is a free and easy-to-use online graphic design app that has quickly become the go-to for people looking for quality, graphics design tools. Whether you’re new to design or need to create a new thumbnail image for your YouTube video, Canva is the perfect starting point.


  • Crello is a UX design and content management platform that helps designers create beautiful websites, apps, and more. It’s a great resource for designers because it’s fast, collaborative, and easy to use.


  • Snappa is a powerful tool that helps people to create professional-quality custom graphics for their YouTube channel.


These are some of the top Youtube tools that will help you grow your YouTube channel. All of the tools in this list are easy to use & provide an outcome that is highly efficient.

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