facebook this content isn't available right now

Facebook This Content Isn’t Available Right Now

How to Fix Error: Facebook This Content Isn’t Available Right Now

If you’ve been using Facebook for years, you might have seen this error message that says “This content isn’t available right now. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.

Here are the most common reasons for that error:

Sorry, this content isn’t available right now on Facebook
Facebook This Content Isn’t Available Right Now

The Main Reasons for you to see “Sorry, this page isn’t available right now” on Facebook

I searched Google for hours to figure out the cause of this error I encountered on Facebook. When I finally found an article with a possible cure, it was time to celebrate.

Issues for why you get “Sorry, this content is not available right now.” on Facebook

  • You are blocked

When someone blocks us on Facebook, they disappear from our feed. which is why Facebook tells us that this content is unavailable.

  • The content is flagged as spam

If a Facebook post violates any rules, you might be flagged as spam. That is why you see this message.

  • You might have been logged out

Sometimes, Facebook might unexpectedly log you out of your account and you might not be aware of it. But as soon as you refresh the screen, the login window should appear. All you need to do then is enter your credentials and log in successfully. We currently do not have this content available- “this content isn’t available right now” is now a thing of the past

  • The post’s privacy settings are changed

There are times when a post is no longer public or seems to have disappeared. This often happens when the person who posted the content decides to make it more private by changing their privacy settings and deciding with whom they share it. When you’re on Facebook, you’ll encounter a variety of privacy settings that allow you to only share the post with particular people or not at all. If a friend changes their settings, it may be difficult if not impossible to change the situation on your own.

  • The post has been removed by the original poster

This post might have been deleted by the original poster. If you’re trying to see it, it could lead to a not found page.

  • The post has location or age restrictions

Facebook lets you be in control of who sees your posts. If someone you friend shares content that is restricted to age, location, etc., then this means they are selecting the wrong audience for the post.

  • Facebook might be down

Whenever there are any errors or crashes on any platform, one of the first things that come to mind is that the platform might be having issues. When you get a “This content isn’t available right now” error, Facebook might be experiencing a global problem.

  • Malware or Bug Intrusion

This might come as a surprise, but an error that users saw was due to a virus or malware. Make sure to take care of any viruses to avoid the “This content isn’t available right now” error on Facebook.

  • The original poster has deactivated or deleted their account

If you deactivate or delete your Facebook account, you will not be able to access content on Facebook. Alternatively, the page you wanted to access will show up like this page is not available if you have opted out of your profile or are doing so right now.


There are many reasons why you see “this content isn’t available right now” on Facebook posts. Some are easily fixable, sorry this content isn’t available right now facebook marketplace while others are not. This article will list all the possible causes of this error so you can try to fix it.

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