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“Technology Write for us” to Techserp. It is a universal tech blogging platform providing the opportunity for startups, entrepreneurs, professional content writers, and guest authors.

The platform provides up-to-date information and analysis of the latest goings-on in tech, gadgets, business ideas & marketing strategies.

  • Our site attracts enthusiastic viewers with guest posts from great technical writers, insightful writers, avid bloggers, knowledgeable content writers, tech experts, and business bees who are passionate about search. The perfect platform to share your technical expertise with your peers.
  • Our aim is to create accurate and realistic posts on the latest innovations in technology and related topics for our readers. In addition, the content is constantly updated with new information that can be helpful to the interested reader. Technologists and non-technical people alike are constantly exploring the internet to learn about the latest inventions and solutions and stay up to date to live a positive life.

Why Technology Write for Us into TechSERP is Important?

Welcome to TechSERP, we’re happy to see you, and thanks for taking the time to visit our website!

TechSERP is a global platform for tech-related news, such as trends, updates, and reviews on the latest technology, the internet of things, and tips, and strategies on digital marketing, robotics, artificial intelligence, and business ideas, it delivers services in different formats like articles, blog posts, press releases, web content, and blogger outreach.

  • When you look at the various ways to gain traffic on your website (e.g. SEO), it’s clear that ranking highly in search engines has a massive impact on your website traffic.
  • One of the best ways to do this is through article submissions on relevant websites’ blogs.
  • Our blog is getting a high volume from all over the web, including google, bing, and social media sites. We’re also working hard to bring fresh content to our readers every day.
  • If you would like to contribute content regularly, we welcome you to our team. We’ll make sure your writing is a good fit and publish it alongside other great content we have on the site.

Are You Looking to Submit a Guest Blog Post on

Technology – write for us?

You are at the right place!

You can submit a guest blog post or contribute an article.

  • We welcome guest post articles exploring the latest in cutting-edge technology news and trends. This will help our avid audience and the blog to grow at a global level.
  • We are one of the quality guest blogging sites out there. We take pride in the content we produce and provide opportunities for those who are interested in writing a guest blog for us.

Write for Us – Technology, Business, Gadgets, Apps, Financing and Digital Marketing, Education, and More.,

Technology write for us topics
Write for us topics

Would you like to submit a guest post or guest blog article on one of our available topics at

We provide guest blogger outreach opportunities for techies to submit guest articles to our website.

Topics on Write for Us – Technology

New technology is being developed and introduced on a large scale each day. Over the past few years, the popularity of mobile devices has led to a rise in readership for blogs and websites.

  • The Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Cybersecurity
  • Big Data, Cloud Computing & DevOps
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence – AL & Ethical Hacking
  • Data Integration, Data Analytics, Data Science, and Data Visualization
  • Augmented Reality-AR, Virtual Reality-VR & Mixed Reality -MR
  • Nanotechnology & Information Technology-IT, Machine Learning–ML
  • Technology News and Trends from Past, Present, and Future

Topics on Write for Us – Business

The focus of these articles should be to give useful information to readers on new technological developments, and their impact on business blogging.

  • Business Administration, Business Strategy, International Business
  • Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), Social Entrepreneurship
  • Business Ideas, Advice and Strategy, Small Business Marketing
  • Business Education, Business Law, Business Models, Processes and Writing

Topics on Write for Us – Gadgets

Gadgets are one-purpose devices with a specific function. Key features of these devices are their size efficiency and the number of ingenious design features.

  • Mobiles, Cameras & PC/Laptops
  • HDTVs, Gaming, Desktop, Printers, and Monitors
  • Smart TVs, Smart Watches, Smart Phones, Headphones, and Speakers
  • Read Features, Opinions, Reviews, and Ratings for the latest movies

Topics on Write for Us – Apps

An application is a type of software that runs on various devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. In this context, the word refers to a software program.

  • iPhone Apps, Ipad Apps, Windows Apps, and Android Apps
  • Native Apps, Hybrid Apps, Web Apps
  • Mobile App Development, App Reviews
  • Technology apps, Business apps, and Educational apps
  • Lifestyle apps, Entertainment apps, Travel apps & E-Commerce apps.
  • There are many different types of apps. Some focus on Sports, Social Media, and Food.
  • Apps for Photo Editing, Video Editing, and even Games. Explore the different apps available under these categories!

Topics on Write for Us – Digital Marketing

Today, digital marketing and advertising are integral parts of a company’s marketing strategy.

Digital marketing, such as through social media, is a great way to market a business. It is the most measurable type of marketing.

  • SEO-Search Engine Optimization, SMO-Social Media Optimization, SMM-Social Media Marketing & SEM-Search Engine Marketing.
  • Blogging Tips, Blog Marketing, WordPress, and Link Building
  • Running an Online Business and Making Money Online Topics.
  • Website Promotion, Website Ranking, Website Designing, and Website Development.
  • Web Technologies like (HTML, JavaScript, React JS & jQuery, etc.)
  • B2B Marketing, Product Branding, Press Releases, Web Marketing
  • Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Social Ads
  • WhatsApp Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Copywriting, Content Marketing
  • Social Networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Retail Marketing
  • Digital Advertising and many more.

You can also “write for us” from any of the following topics:

Technology, Business, Financing, IT, Education, Digital Marketing, IoT, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Lifestyle, Health, Fashion, Travel, Food, Website Development, Startups, Tech Blogs, Gadgets, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Human Resources, Networking, NFT, Metaverse.

Latest Digital Trends, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Business Strategy, Digital Agencies, Strategic Management, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), Startup Ideas, Startup Advice and Strategy, and Startup Business Models.

Sales & Marketing, Security, Big Data, Magazine, Hardware, Entrepreneurship, Insurance, eCommerce, Banking, Programming Languages, Telecom Technologies, Business Administration, Entertainment, Gaming, Sports, Home Appliances, Home Automation, etc.,

What Is Guest Posting and Its Importance?

A guest post is a post that directs an audience to your website. Guest posting is a great way to generate high-quality backlinks.

  • Guest blogging is very easy and looks something like this: the author submits a piece of content according to the blog’s guidelines and in return, they will receive a backlink and an author box below their article.
  • A guest post is an article by someone who is not affiliated with the blog.
  • When it comes to SEO, whether it’s a corporate website or an educational blog, guest posting is the best way to collaborate.
  • Guest blogging builds mutually beneficial relationships between bloggers and publishers. This allows them to promote one another and contribute cool content for the other’s websites.

Guidelines for Submitting Guest Articles to TechSERP:

 We Accept:

  • Articles should be between 800 to 1500 words allowing high-quality content that is 100% unique and not published anywhere.
  • Your content must be original, spell-checked, well-structured, plagiarism-free, and free from copyright infringement (Eg: Copyscape and Quetext)
  • Articles have different aspects to worry about when it comes to effective formatting. They should have proper headings, and subheadings, like (H1 to H6).
  • If you use images or videos in your content, they must be copyright-free, and you must always name the source of origin.
  • Provide a unique, high-quality featured image that is related to the article and is 1200×680 pixels (Images should be in JPEG format).
  • We limit 2 links per article, 1 for your homepage and another to your internal page. (max 2-3 links in total, including author link)
  • The article document format should be in Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Attachments in the email are accepted.
  • We appreciate it if you check your content on Grammarly to avoid any grammatical mistakes and attach a plagiarism test copy (Eg: Quetext) with your article mail.
  • Finally, all links in the post should be relevant and high-quality websites.
  • Mention the name of the author in your text.

We Don’t Accept:

  • Do not accept affiliate, non-promotional links, and broken links.
  • Grammar mistakes, errors, and copied content on your posts are not allowed.
  • We do not accept anything with a copyright on it.

Terms & Conditions:

  • You cannot republish the same article/post on another blog/website.
  • If we find any irrelevant links, we will take off external links without prior notice. We are bound to follow what google webmaster guidelines require of us.
  • If you publish this article elsewhere after we’ve published it on our website, and we find the same article on other websites, we’ll remove the post.

How Can You Become a TechSERP Contributor?

To get your articles published regularly on TechSERP, here are some tips for getting your articles accepted and published.

Introduce Your Topic in an Interesting Way:

  • Writing a good introduction can be difficult, but it’s worth adapting your writing style to your audience.
  • You can keep their interest by giving them the content you promised in your headline.
  • Alternatively, you could only share with a select few people and tailor your approach according to what they like.
  • Provide interesting content for readers to engage with to help build your blog’s following.

How Article Format Should Be:

Title: Include a catchy and attractive title with a focus keyword and a length of 70 characters or less.

Description: Make sure your description is 150 characters long and starts with the focus keyword for best practice.

Content: Consider using headings and subheadings to organize information to make your content easier to read and understand.

Keyword: Use focus keyword in the title, description, and first paragraph of the content, and keyword density should be 2 to 4%.

Headings: Use H1 to H6 headings.

Media: Use Images with HD quality, Resolution 1200*680pixels, Video links, Graphs, and Tables to use your content requirement.

External & Internal links: 2-3 links would be better to include the author bio. Give anchor links for proper keywords into related pages.

Conclusion: What are your final thoughts about the topic, and what would you like to give readers with this?

Author Bio: You can add a few lines about yourself, and include your name in your text.

Benefits of Writing a Guest Post to TechSERP

Guest post contributions are a great way to spread your voice, get help with content marketing strategy, and develop relationships with top industry professionals.

Guest posting benefits

  • We have been around for years and are read by people all over the world. This way your article has a chance to be read by many people.
  • Get backlinks that help drive more traffic to your website.
  • We will share your articles on all social media platforms to reach a wider audience.
  • There is a good chance that you will get recognized among your peers if you work with us.

A significant advantage of guest posting is to have a do-follow link from our website. Guest posting boosts your visibility on the internet and helps you to get higher rankings on SERP.

  • Increases high-quality organic traffic
  • Getting high-quality backlinks
  • Build domain and search engine authority
  • Reach a global audience
  • Helps in google rankings
  • Social media sharing
  • Duration of life post
  • Expand your personal and company brand
  • Builds relationships
  • You end up getting more customers

How to Submit Your Guest Post to TechSERP?

  • To submit fully researched content, please contact our official email address Don’t forget to mention the topic as “Technology write for us” or “Write for us technology” and add a few lines about yourself.
  • You can submit your article as an MS Word or Google Document. Our team will verify it within 24 hours and publish it as soon as they finish. Once your article is live, we will let you know and share the live link with you.
  • If we find any problems during the publishing process, our content marketing team will contact you through your given email address.

How to Find Guest Post Accepted Websites on “Technology write for us”?

There are lots of different ways to find any type of website accepting guest posts. It includes several strategies that you can use and follow during your search for the best website for guest posts.

Here are some tips and tricks for finding tech-related websites in search engine results. Advanced search to find guest blogging sites.

  • “Write for us” Technology
  • “Write for us” Business
  • “Write for us” Education
  • “Write for us” Digital Marketing
  • “Write for us” Gadgets
  • “Write for us” Apps
  • “Write for us” Financing
  • “Write for us” Lifestyle
  • “Write for us” Health
  • “Write for us” Travel
  • “Submit guest post” + “technology”
  • “Guest posting” + “technology”
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